The Anderson Bass

Travel Bass

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 The Anderson Bass

(Rossco's Easy Travel Double Bass)

(Rossco's Easy Travel Double Bass) Bass)

Everybody I work with loves the sound of this instrument. It's the only traveller I've played that has the air and the wood in the sound.

- Roger Spencer at IAJE convention this January in Long Beach, California

To Ross "G'day Mate ! I love this "BASS"

- Jay Mueller member of Bill Allreds Classic Jazz Band

I have played lots of travel basses over the years , This is the only one that "PUMPS AIR"

Dave Stone at The NAM Expo in LA 2001

"YeeeeeeeeeeeeHAH! The bass is MAGNIFICENT! Even better than I had remembered from having seen/heard/played Jay Mueller's! Worth every penny...Thanks for creating an awesome instrument. I played the bass on my gig last night at Harrah's Casino, and everyone in the band, including yours truly, was totally knocked out by the bass. Have I thanked you enough?"

- Ed Wise, Bass Player, New Orleans.

New - Five String Bass

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Dave Stone (playing an Anderson Bass) at The NAM Expo in LA 2001

Left: Frank DeVito (drums)

he New 2008 Model Designed & crafted by

Ross Anderson

Jay Mueller - member of

Bill Allreds Classic Jazz Band

Jared's YouTube channel was created, initially, as an aid to document and critique his own bass playing through improvisations using backing tracks. This practise continues today, and is an ongoing feature of the channel. Jared's Anderson Travel Bass is a relatively new addition to the channel. It's rich, woody tone sounds even more amazing recorded acoustically using a Zoom H4N Handy Recorder. Many have asked, "Is that a cello?". Don't let the small frame fool you. This double bass packs a real punch!